Linked to MICC

Several people have asked if MICC either live streams their services or archives them. The answer to both is yes and the location is the same 🙂 MICC uses YouTube to live stream services on Sunday at 15:30 Central European Time which is 8:30 Central Standard Time. The sermons are then cut, edited, and uploaded by our awesome video team and both things can be found on the MICC YouTube channel. If you are interested, feel free to take a look! We are blessed with some very creative people who make everything look very good and professional!


Live from Durres!

Check out the newest location for the Stannard Snapshots as well as get a glimpse into the activity that is taking place there! A few minutes of your time equals an insight into things happening around the globe!


August Stannard Snapshot

The return to school, sports, and the chaos of life deserves a video! Check out the newest Stannard Snapshot! We are still in the midst of the Bavarian summer break, but we aren’t slowing down in the least! Tune in to get quick updates on pastoring, the adoption process, and more!


Vlogging from Afar

Happy Easter! Even though we had to skip a month, we have brought the vlog back online! we know how shocked and utterly thrilled you are to see the video in the middle of the month – we are also excited! So grab the kids and the popcorn and settle in for a treat from a far away place!


January Stannard Snapshot

The month keeps ending before we are prepared…but in true fashion, we made use of the final 24 hours! Grab a seat and check out the latest Stannard Snapshot! Hear what has happened this past month as well as some kitchen updates (super exciting!). AAAAND help us shape the vlog! Share with us some ideas of things you might be interested in – life, ministry, hobbies, theology, survival – we would love to get some inspiration from you!