How Can You Be Involved?

Would you like to be more involved in what God is doing in Germany and throughout Europe?  It would be a true honor to partner with you to reach the people in this special continent!  There are several ways you can take the next step to being a part of the vision to see healthy, Bible centered churches established throughout all of Europe.

Pray!  God works wonders through  your prayers!  It is truly amazing to see how He works in incredible ways through your petitions!  We need as many prayer warriors as possible!  To that end, we send out a prayer e-mail every week with a few specific ways you can be praying along with some praises for how God is moving in Hungary.  If you are not receiving that and would like to, just shoot us an e-mail (see the Contact Me! section for our e-mails) and we would love to add you to that list.  Please do be warned that these e-mails are weekly…so take that into consideration before you sign up!

Give!  As you may know, we cannot do what we are doing apart from the generous financial contributions of literally hundreds of people!  The way MTW is structured, all of the staff are 100% supported by individuals or churches.  The vast majority of my financial support comes from individuals like you!  And without that, it would be fiscally impossible for us to be here!  If you would like to be a financial part of our ministry team, just click the “Give a Gift” button on the right side of this page.


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