Linked to MICC

Several people have asked if MICC either live streams their services or archives them. The answer to both is yes and the location is the same 🙂 MICC uses YouTube to live stream services on Sunday at 15:30 Central European Time which is 8:30 Central Standard Time. The sermons are then cut, edited, and uploaded by our awesome video team and both things can be found on the MICC YouTube channel. If you are interested, feel free to take a look! We are blessed with some very creative people who make everything look very good and professional!

1 thought on “Linked to MICC”

  1. LOVE IT!! So excited to be able to see your sermons Luke! Just a little ways into this one and can clearly see how blessed your congregation will be as you serve up the riches of the Word to them every Sunday!

    Love to y’all



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